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April 17 2015


September 21 2013

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I just unlocked the The Neighbors Season 2 Premiere sticker on GetGlue

1761 others have also unlocked the The Neighbors Season 2 Premiere sticker on GetGlue.com

How do the Weavers and Bird-Kersees react to Amber and Reggie’s news? Thanks for tuning in to the season 2 premiere of The Neighbors tonight! Keep watching on Fridays at 8:30/7:30c. Share this one proudly. It’s from our friends at ABC.


October 31 2012

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Hurricane Sandy Descends Upon the East Coast

Spotlight For more photos, browse the hashtags #hurricanesandy and #sandy. Find a photo tagged with a location? Click through to see more photos, like those posted from the East River Park, Exchange Place Waterfront, or FDR Drive.

The eastern seaboard of the United States, from Virginia to Massachusetts, is under a state of emergency as Sandy, a snor’eastercane, makes its way inland from the Atlantic Ocean.

The storm formed as Hurricane Sandy from the south collided with a nor’easter from the north, coming ashore in New Jersey and bringing with it heavy rain, storm surges and flooding.

The Instagram community has been sharing photos from the storm–at a rate of nearly 10 each second–with the hashtags #hurricanesandy, #sandy and #frankenstorm.

For the latest Sandy news and alerts, visit the New York Times and the Washington Post.

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Disney prince!

He does look like Prince Eric!

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Happy Halloween, Instagram!

Rejoice, it’s October 31st! Instagrammers have been snapping photos of their costumes for the spookiest day of the year, Halloween, and we even came across several fantastic Instagram-themed getups.

Will you be putting on an outfit for All Hallows’ Eve? Share it with us by using the hashtag #instagramcostume!

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Yes! Haha :)



Le swoon

October 24 2012

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When the head cold is so bad on Tuesday that one forgets to take the normal meds, one may want to remember them on Wednesday.

October 23 2012

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Half price pizza night. Spinach, onions and the most wonderful Greek olives should be great for my cold.

October 17 2012

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Black and White

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The unfiltered color on iphone5’s non-fancy camera is so far superior to the antique LG, my mouth is hanging open in stupefiedness.

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See my lovely Lilly white leg, Marble? Huh? What kind of big sister are you? You don’t look impressed! (Taken with Instagram)

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Black and white … and peach and blue. Every day our Lilly white kitten from many years ago gets more and more “old lady grey.” Like me! (Taken with Instagram)

October 16 2012

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Cancer isn’t just about Pink #jj #jj_pink_ribbon (Taken with Instagram)

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Gathering dust (Taken with Instagram)

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The most important thing I’ll do all Day. And all Month. Probably all year. (Taken with Instagram)

October 14 2012

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What’s Your Wish? (Taken with Instagram)

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Taking meds after cancer surgery make it feel like I’m living in an oven. Time for a summery shirt to help the cooling, PLEASE! (Taken with Instagram)

October 11 2012

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Looking for the creative angle (Taken with Instagram)

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The end. (Taken with Instagram)

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