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Facebook – How to hide or unhide games like FarmVille from your News Feed « Decoding the Web

Note: I play Frontierville. If you're a facebook friend this is something you will want to know

Currently Facebook has about 350 million users!
And the popular Facebook game FarmVille has about 69 million users!

Therefore if you happen to be a Facebook member, who doesn’t get involved with games, you might be getting a little bit annoyed with all those status updates.

Moreover, the Facebook News/Live Feed provides valuable information and updates about your friends, so you might need to keep it clean, or simply filter out specific items.

Here is how to hide / filter items from your News/Live Feed:

- Hover your mouse on top of the item that you would like to hide.
- Click on “Hide” that appears on the top-right corner of the item.

You should now see the message: “Application Name” has been hidden from your News Feed. This is it, you have just blocked all messages coming from the specified application.

Whenever you wish to bring something back, or in other words unhide it, do the following:

- Go to your News Feed (it doesn’t work on the Live Feed).
- Scroll to the bottom of the page, until you find the “Edit Options” link.

- On the popup window, just click on “Add to News Feed” next to the application you wish to unhide.

On a side-note, I am a FarmVille player myself, so my friends who are tired of watching the endless FV status updates, should follow this simple guide!

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