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Bill Maher: "I don't have to apologize, do I, for not wanting the Western world to be taken over by Islam?" - Jihad Watch

from the comments on the above:

Commenter: "Maher is a thinking man and therefore he is atheistic or agnostic."

Another commenter: "Oh come on! Think a bit before making such statements. Isaac Newton was an extremely religious man. Aquinas was one of the most thoughtful men who ever lived. Alfred North Whitehead, one of the greatest intellects the human race has produced, was quite religious. Was the passionately religious Kierkegaard not thoughtful? What about Aristotle? Did his idea of divinity mean that he was not a thinking man? Antony Flew seems pretty thoughtful. I'll bet that most of the great thinkers of history have been theists. But you won't find me saying "so and so is a thinking man and therefore he is a theist." Surely that would be supreme arrogance: the belief that only those who think as I do really think at all. Please."

Makes sense to me

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