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October 07 2012

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Ashtabula, site of a wonderful natural harbor, birthplace of Coach Urban Meyer … And where my mom graduated from nursing school wayyyy back in the day. Go Bucks!
(Taken with Instagram)

October 06 2012

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Armed with Information and Ready to Vote (Taken with Instagram)

October 02 2012

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Coolest parking lot ever. Talk about Boulders! Imagining how much it cost to build around two sides of the building. Yike$. #lansdowne #va (Taken with Instagram)

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Rain on the sunroof = rainroof? (Taken with Instagram)

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Seriously? Family medicine and travel? Family trips to India for tummy tucks? Maybe it’s a hidden benefit of Obamacare. (Taken with Instagram)

September 29 2012

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Action shot. She’s on her way to connecting one mighty four year old foot with that innocent looking fancy blue ball! #Soccer (Taken with Instagram)

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Democrats sent me an absentee ballot application … But the prepaid envelope is addressed to THEM. That’s not right, fellow voters. After my own work w/ campaigns I can’t stress this enough. Lots of room for hanky-panty here. #foul #campaign (Taken with Instagram)

September 28 2012

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Marble thinks she might like to snuggle with some silly, yummy smelling hair. (Taken with Instagram)

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I love Virginia! And the handgun permit as voter ID seals the deal. (Taken with Instagram)

September 25 2012

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Thomas Cat II - on his daddy’s extra soft “old guy” window perch (Taken with Instagram)

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Cat pattern (Taken with Instagram)

September 22 2012

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Thanks Capitol Concierge. I’ll never turn down 25 Kisses! (Taken with Instagram)

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Ravens Sharkfin in Redskins country (Taken with Instagram)

September 21 2012

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Nose to toes (Taken with Instagram)

September 20 2012

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September Sky (Taken with Instagram)

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Inside the circle (Taken with Instagram)

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Mmmm the new Panera Turkey-Cranberry panini is fine! Especially with Fiji apple turkey salad with Gorgonzola. (Taken with Instagram)

September 19 2012

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Doc says as he’s zapping the third area of spinal nerves: “This is a funky joint you’ve got here.” Oh great; that’s reassuring. (Taken with Instagram)

September 18 2012

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Want your protein bar soft and thin? Ewww. It happens when the cat sneaks over and lies on it…meaning you can’t find it for a half hour. By then it’s ready to hatch! (Taken with Instagram)

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The foot-cuddle (Taken with Instagram)

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